With YouLead17 right around the corner, hundreds of youth from around East Africa are already making their way to Arusha, Tanzania, for what will be a life/career changing week (27th November – 1st December).

A platform has been built where, for 5 days, young minds will learn from one another, share their experiences, success stories and best practices with leaders who have gone extra-miles in their leadership endeavors.

For all those attending, here are the themes and some of the main topics to be covered:


Day 1: Political (Government) Leadership

  • African Governance Architecture and the current democratic developments in East-Africa; the Role of the Youth in Championing Values and Aspirations of AGA.
  • The Role of the youth in championing Values and principles of Good Governance.

Day 2: Civic & Social Leadership

  • The role of Youth in Environmental Protection, Climate Justice and Social Economic Rights.
  • Youth, Land Rights and Climate Smart Economic Options.

Day 3: Business & Corporate Leadership

  • Youth, Technology and the Future of Work: Meeting employment needs of Youth today and tomorrow.
  • Planetary Passport: Decolonised Education, Environmental and Land Policies/Practices for Vocational Pathways to Protecting Diversity and Balance between Individualism and Collectivism for Sustainable Social Development and Climate Change Resilience.
  • Youth and the Africans Rising Movement.

Day 4: EAC Day – Political, Civil & Social Leadership

  • East Africa’s Youthful Demographic Bulge and its Implications for Attaining Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Young Women in Political Governance: Achievements, Challenges and Opportunities.

Day 5: Business & Corporate Leadership

  • Leadership and Corporate Governance in Youths Organisations, Social Enterprises and Networks.
  • Challenges & Strategies of Promoting Effective Youth Participation.


Aside from renowned personalities, in their respective areas of leadership sharing all their knowledge and experiences with the youth, various panel discussions will also be held on each theme, tackling:

  • Systems and structures for sustainable youth projects.
  • Mentorship as a tool for promoting effective youth participation.
  • Youth and Sexual Reproductive Health Rights.
  • Harnessing youth and social media.
  • Designing Products that Your Customers Love.

It’s time for the youth to UNLOCK their Leadership Potential, for they are at the Centre of the East African Integration.



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