The Youth Leadership (YouLead) Summit is a concept born out of the merging of two initiatives from the Ms Training Center for Development Cooperation (MS TCDC): the Youth Governance Festival (YGF14) in 2014, and the Regional Youth Seminar (RYS16) in 2016, both aiming to build the youth into effective leaders of tomorrow.

YouLead is a cross-border youth leadership summit with the prime aim of providing youth with an opportunity to learn from one another, exchange hands-on experience, share opportunities, bring forward fresh ideas and come up with innovative solutions to the challenges they face.

This is a true platform brought up for action-oriented and most inspiring young leaders, change-makers, start-uppers, social entrepreneurs, and youth activists who attempt to demonstrate motivations in changing their societies for the better.

YouLead17 shall begin on 27th November, through to 1st December 2017and has attracted a multitude of youth to Arusha, Tanzania, from the East African region, eager to learn and stretch themselves beyond their boarders. Also, around 50 influential figures have availed their time to be a part of it and pour into the next generation of leaders, by sharing their success stories and life lessons learned in their own journeys. These speakers include authors, business innovators, social entrepreneurs, politicians, and public personalities from the region.

More to that, an amazing program has been prepared, tailored to expand and diversify the youth’s creative minds. Different areas of leadership to be explored include Political, Civic & Social,  and Business & Corporate Leadership.

The excitement is real. The expectations are high. YouLead17 is right around the corner, and guarantees a life changing turn to all who have endeavored to be a part of it.

Theme: Unlocking Youth Leadership Potential: Youth at the Centre of the East African Integration.

Watch the promo video here!

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